Payments and Banking

Credit Card Behavioral Tracking Panel

Our proprietary Behavioral Tracking Panel yields detailed data about card ownership, spending, and use patterns directly from consumers’ monthly statements. The Kantar panel is representative of the U.S. cardholder population on income, credit score, and geography.

This rich data set provides unique insights into:

  • Variations in spend, balances, revolve rates, pricing, and lines across credit segments
  • Competitive insights into cross-ownership, primary card status, and new card acquisitions
  • Spending patterns by retail category and compartmentalization of spend
  • The impact of re-pricing, credit line increases, and fees on consumer behavior

Kantar’s clients have unlimited access to tracking panel data, including:

  • On-demand, ad-hoc requests fielded by a team of experienced analysts
  • Project-based consulting on specific topics or initiatives


Syndicated Competitive Intelligence Reports

Our experienced analysts produce syndicated competitive intelligence reports, giving banks and card issuers instant visibility into account communications, as well as fee and policy changes that their competitors are making to customers’ accounts. Read more about our syndicated reports.




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