Leadership Team

Jennifer Carrea

CEO, Americas and Global Health

Jennifer Carrea

Jennifer Carrea serves as Chief Executive Officer of Lightspeed Health, international healthcare data specialists and serves as a member of the company’s board of directors. With two decades of healthcare leadership experience, Jennifer oversees emerging business opportunities, global client management and the creation of new research products to empower clients in today’s complex healthcare environment.

Prior to joining Lightspeed Health, Jennifer served as Group President of Instar Research, steering impressive year-on-year sales business growth. In this role, she realigned the company positioning and branding, launched a new stream of products, all while implementing strategic organizational efficiencies. Carrea also served as Senior Vice President & Global Account Director at Ipsos Healthcare from 2011-2014. She spent more than 11 years with Synovate Healthcare /Market Facts in myriad roles spanning from Study Director to Senior Vice President.

Jennifer earned her Bachelors of Arts in Communications from Rutgers University and served as a member of the Phi Sigma Iota Honor Society.

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