Lightspeed GMI introduces Survey Cycle a Lean Research Service

Lightspeed GMI today announced the launch of a new service called Survey Cycle that leverages GMI’s extensive survey design and project management skills in combination with Google Consumer Surveys automated platform for micro surveys of ten questions or less. Survey Cycle is designed for those customers that find value in micro surveys and quick turn research but prefer to have a qualified research professional execute the research fieldwork for them.

David Shanker, CEO of Lightspeed GMI Americas, stated “Survey Cycle is the perfect complement to our existing product line. Lightspeed/GMI does a great job executing medium and long studies that are often very complex. Google Consumer Surveys has built a platform to simplify short survey fieldwork and we are pairing that platform with our skilled project managers to offer the market an efficient, easy and high quality solution for quick insights”.

With Survey Cycle, Lightspeed GMI offers clients direct access to expert fieldwork managers that utilize the Google Consumer Surveys integrated and automated platform for micro surveys. The result is a service that is affordable, quick and high quality without the numerous touch points and complexity typical of longer studies. Daniel S. Fitzgerald, the Chief Client and Marketing Officer of Lightspeed GMI added “We feel that this agreement with Google Consumer Surveys will benefit our clients by providing them increased flexibility to test and refine more concepts and ideas very efficiently before embarking on more intensive survey research. Survey Cycle further extends our product portfolio allowing Lightspeed/GMI to better meet the expanding and diverse needs of our client’s research continuum.


Quality-seeking researchers, marketers and brands choose Lightspeed GMI as their trusted global partner for digital data collection. Our innovative technology, proven sampling methodologies and operational excellence facilitate a deep understanding of consumer opinions and behavior. From intelligent sampling to award-winning survey engagement to fieldwork management and custom reporting, Lightspeed GMI adds value at every stage of the research process.


Lightspeed GMI delivers access to online research respondents with unparalleled quality, capacity and targeting for every budget. Our solutions include GMI Interactive, innovative online survey design to engage respondents and provide more insightful data; GMI Mainstream, which accesses high-quality, representative respondents in real-time; GlobalTestMarket and MySurvey online research panels, which have millions of deeply profiled double opt-in panelists across 40 proprietary panels throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific; and GMI Pinnacle, which creates balanced datasets while eliminating respondent source biases. These, along with a full suite of data collection services including specialty panels, custom panels and communities, mobile surveys, and observed digital behavior and ad tracking, provide the industry’s most complete and highest-quality portfolio for conducting online research.

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