About Lightspeed FSG

Lightspeed Financial Services Group (Lightspeed FSG) provides rich competitive intelligence — much of it drawn from our proprietary behavioral tracking panels — to retail banks, credit card issuers, investment firms, and insurance providers.

Clients value FSG services for:

  • Credit card behavioral tracking data — monthly spend, pricing, balance, and revolve data drawn directly from monthly statements (not self-reported)
  • Auto insurance policy tracking data — pricing, discounts, coverage levels, and other metrics drawn directly from our policy database (declaration pages)
  • Rich competitive insights — powerful insights into competitors’ customers, products, and strategies
  • Survey expertise — a team of senior analysts who bring a combination of industry knowledge and methodological expertise to each project.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Lightspeed FSG is a U.S. business unit of Lightspeed. Founded in 1996, Lightspeed, an award-winning global digital data collection enterprise, is part of the Kantar Group, the insight, information and consultancy division of WPP, the world leader in marketing communication services. For more information about Lightspeed, please visit www.lightspeedresearch.com.

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